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Justin GATLIN se sera préparé


Le Daily News a assisté à une séance d’entraînement du Champion Olympique 2004, Champion du Monde 2005 et Recordman du Monde 2006, suspendu pour dopage jusqu’en Juillet 2010. A 27 ans, Justin Gatlin se prépare à Atlanta pour son comeback.

*Mar 19 - 00:05**Mar 19 - 00:05*

QUOTES « Only after all that does Gatlin settle into his blocks, focusing on the 60 meters of brick-red track before him. At the sound of the gun, he explodes, flies down the lane past the athletes, who once again are transformed into spectators. » […]  » As those at Morehouse looked on, he finished his 60 in an unspectacular 6.59 seconds, according to Georgia State‘s Eric Campbell, who has coached Gatlin since last year. Gatlin remains a specimen, at 6-1 and all power as he makes his way down the track, but he’s hardly ready to challenge the world’s best. Gatlin spent 2007 bulking up to try out for pro football teams. He worked out for the Titans and Texans, then made it to minicamp with the Buccaneers. So when he showed up at fall workouts with Campbell in September 2008, he was 15 pounds overweight. Two weeks into training, he’d earned a nickname: « Fat boy. » « He was pretty much out of shape, » says training partner Lazarus Evans. « Some workouts, he couldn’t even finish. »  » […] « He’s beat everyone but me, » Gatlin says of Bolt. « I’ll be the dark horse. Everyone loves a hero. But you know what they love even more? An underdog who turns into a hero. »


Jeremy WARINER aura fait sa rentrée


Septuple gold medalist at OG/WC, Jeremy Wariner is working to get two more medals in 2009. The 400m specialist opened his season with a 200m on 21 March at a University meet (Dr Pepper) in Waco. His 20.77 (w-0.1) shows good early speed, however it is difficult to compare this result with the previous years. Since his breakthrough into the international scene in 2004, Wariner has usually opened with a 200m, but not always that early. His did so in 2006 and 2008. 2006 started with an exceptional 20.59 into 1.0 m/s wind at the same Dr Pepper meet. Two months later, he would set his 20.19 PR which still stands. 2008, the year Wariner left his long-time coach Clyde Hart to Michael Ford (Harts’s assistant), started on 16 February in Sydney (20.93 w-0.5) and was as fast as 20.37 (w1.3) on 29 March in Arlington.

Lining up in other heats, Reggie Witherspoon (44.99 in 2008 and 4×4 OG gold medalist) ran 20.94 (w-1.3) and Darold Williamson (44.27 in 2005 and 45.16 last year) did 21.44 (w-1.9).

Report gives the competition schedule. On his forum, Wariner wrote « those are the meets that im confirmed in. We are still working on meets between USA trials and Worlds. ».
March 28 – 200m – Arlington, UTA Invitational
April 18 – 200m – Waco, Michael Johnson Invitational
April 24 – 400m – Des Moines, Drake Relays
May 9 – 400m – Osaka, IAAF GP
May 17 – 400m – Carson, Adidas Track Classic
June 25-28 – 200m – Eugene, USA Championships
Aug 15-23 – 400m & 4x400m – Berlin, World Championsips.

Note : as a 2007 World defending Champion, Wariner is automatically selected for Berlin at 400m. He won’t have to run the 400m at USA Champs and finish on the podium to make the team, hence his decision to run the 200m. He already used this strategy in 2007, running the 200m at Nationals, as he was wild-carded from his 2005 World title at 400m.

Jeremy Wariner vs Tyson Gay at Adidas Training Camp on 17 March 2009

Jeremy Wariner vs Tyson Gay at Adidas Training Camp on 17 March 2009

Tyson GAY aura soigné son genou


Tyson Gay revealed during Adidas Training Camp that he injured his left knee in november, loosing 6 weeks on his preparation. The 100m US Record Holder (9.77), who had treatments in Europe and obviously moved a lot of weights while not beeing able to run, says that his leg is now pain free. Training five days a week, he hasn’t resume sprints on spikes yet. However, as a double World Champion (100m and 200m) defender, he is automatically selected for World Championships (15-23 August in Berlin), without having to take one of the first 3 spots during the US National Champs (25-28 August in Eugene).

Tyson Gay already had knee problem in 2007, a tendinosis on right knee prevented him to sprint after the US Championships in late June. He was able to win a couple of races in UK with sub-max efforts (10.13 and 10.02) before winning 3 gold medals in Osaka (100m in 9.85, 200m in 19.76, 4x100m in 37.78). One year later, he was victim of a hamstring strain on the left leg during the 200m quater finals of Olympic Trials. « I didn’t think it was going to be that bad because the initial pull really, really hurt, but the next day it felt better, » Gay said during the Adidas Training Camp. « But a little later, when we got a second opinion, I noticed a little bit of the tendon was torn, as well. That’s what made the process take so long. » Tyson Gay stated that injuries on the left leg on the hamstring/tendon in July 2008 and knee ligaments in November 2008 had no connexion.

However, observations on Tyson Gay in August 2008, showed that he wasn’t functionally set at 100% during the Olympics, where he failed to qualify for the final as he placed 5th in semi final with 10.05. These pictures were shot during the warm-up before the semi-final. After a couple of easy and sub-max checking starts, he tried this one at high intensity and his left leg couldn’t handle it as shown by the knee twist on his second step. This issue, both affecting his knee and self-confidence, plus quotes from Tyson himself saying that his left hamstring was tight before the race, shows that he was not physically ready and probably not healed yet in Beijing. The consequence was a performance more than two-tenths off his PB.

Warm-up before semi-final, Beijing Olympics

Warm-up before semi-final, Beijing Olympics

Considering that he is not pressed to compete at US Nationals to make the team at 100m and 200m, hopefully Tyson has enough time to prepare and get ready for Berlin World Championships.