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Jordan VADEN aura été suspendu


QUOTE « Jordan VADEN, has been found guilty of the following doping violation under IAAF Rules:
Presence of the prohibited substance Stanozolol (S1. Anabolic Agents) in his doping control sample (IAAF Rule 32.2a)
This doping violation relates to a sample collected out-of-competition on 19.08.08.
In conformity with the IAAF Rules, USATF has imposed the following sanction for a first violation:
• 2 years ineligibility (04.02.09 – 03.02.11)
• Disqualification of all results from 19.08.08″

La porte de sortie pour le sprinter agé de 30 ans, auteur de 10.20 et 19.98 en 2006?