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Justin GATLIN se sera préparé


Le Daily News a assisté à une séance d’entraînement du Champion Olympique 2004, Champion du Monde 2005 et Recordman du Monde 2006, suspendu pour dopage jusqu’en Juillet 2010. A 27 ans, Justin Gatlin se prépare à Atlanta pour son comeback.

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QUOTES « Only after all that does Gatlin settle into his blocks, focusing on the 60 meters of brick-red track before him. At the sound of the gun, he explodes, flies down the lane past the athletes, who once again are transformed into spectators. » […]  » As those at Morehouse looked on, he finished his 60 in an unspectacular 6.59 seconds, according to Georgia State‘s Eric Campbell, who has coached Gatlin since last year. Gatlin remains a specimen, at 6-1 and all power as he makes his way down the track, but he’s hardly ready to challenge the world’s best. Gatlin spent 2007 bulking up to try out for pro football teams. He worked out for the Titans and Texans, then made it to minicamp with the Buccaneers. So when he showed up at fall workouts with Campbell in September 2008, he was 15 pounds overweight. Two weeks into training, he’d earned a nickname: « Fat boy. » « He was pretty much out of shape, » says training partner Lazarus Evans. « Some workouts, he couldn’t even finish. »  » […] « He’s beat everyone but me, » Gatlin says of Bolt. « I’ll be the dark horse. Everyone loves a hero. But you know what they love even more? An underdog who turns into a hero. »