Usain BOLT aura été courtisé par Toronto

« Organizers of a proposed international track and field meet June 10 are negotiating with Bolt’s agent to have the Jamaican phenom headline the event.

It’s believed that Bolt, who rocked Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing with three world record-breaking performances last summer, would command an appearance fee of some $250,000 to run at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Centre. »

En attendant, la piste d’entraînement de Bolt, délabrée, sera bientôt refaite. Le temps presse car les entraînements sur piste reprennent dès le mois de février et plusieurs compétitions sont prévues, y compris le 31 Janvier pour le Queen’s/Grace Jackson Track Meet, où Asafa Powell ouvre traditionnellement sa saison par un 400m. Glen Mills, l’entraîneur de Bolt, estime que l’état de la piste est potentiellement dangereux, ainsi que l’a constaté :
« walked the facility on Tuesday in shock. The start of the hundred metres was so badly torn that concrete could be seen where the starting blocks are to be placed. It will be nigh impossible to get a stable starting block in place without assistance. Injuries could be the order of the day.
Here are some other observations:
• The four inner lanes are almost worn down to the concrete base at the finish line
• The painted indicators for distances are almost invisible at the finish and at the end of the first turn
• The back stretch appear to be holding water when it rains
• The five inner lanes are worn badly on the second turn »
« Its current state is not safe for 100-metre running because the blocks may not hold and the athletes could make bad steps into what looks to be holes and definitely in need of repair, especially since we have a very hectic athletics season coming up, » said Mills […] « If I’m not mistaken the stadium track itself also needs repair, because I’ve seen some marks on the backstretch, so the inside track is also damaged ».

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